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#24 Unplugged

This was an unplugged version of the show as Jerky loaned the podcast computer to a friend for an event. This show we covered Jerky and Melissa's trip to vegas, Michaella's Trip to Nashville and wrapped up chatting about Night In The Country! No computer, no sound effects just us chatting....... enjoy!

#23 This aint my first Rodeo… Oh Wait it was!

We survived the 5 nights straight of Djing the rodeo, For the full story make  sure you catch up on our Live Facebook segment. We did recap on the podcast portion for you though! We also chatted about DJ and Wedding DJing ended with a good bit of Jerky Bits and Topic from the bucket! Like and tell a friend about us! PPLLEEAASSEE!!!!!

#22 Ketchup Chicks and Whiskey

Tonight we welcome Michaella's """Boyfriend""" Mitchel to the show we chatted about box Neil Patrick Harris Box one as well as the upcoming week for Jerky at the Reno Rodeo! We also tried Ketchup Chips from Canada. Random conversation and Jerky Bits followed by a topic from a bucket or two! 

#21 Strippers and Dogs

Tonight we chatted about, Strippers and Dogs.. Among other things! Jerky and Melissa talked about her upcoming Side By Side trip to hawthorn for the night. We also chatted about Jerky preforming at the Reno Rodeo. We ended with Topics from a bucket and Jerky Bits! As always like subscribe and tell a friend.. 

#20 I Am A COWBOY!!!! Kinda..

Short Show this time! Producer Melissa was absent and Jerky and Michaella had evening plans but that did not stop the fun(ny) We started with Michaella telling of her weekend with her boyfriend Mitchel in the rodeo actually riding bulls, Michaella told us about her birthday dinner at a Brazilian Steakhouse then We then chatted about Hawaii, Jerky told of us of this new app called Tik Tok, he might be behind the times on this one.. We finished with a quick funny round of Jerky Bits and Topics from a bucket Sponsored by

#19 Gnarly Monkey in Nashville

On this episode we got off on a tangent about Michaella's up coming trip to Nashville Jerky and Melissa told her a few great things to do! we then chatted about the movie Spiral from the book of Saw. We spent quite a bit of time talking about Michaella's experience shooting with the Nevada Firearm's Academy. We finished with some great Jerky bits and Topics from a bucket! Make sure you like and subscribe! 

#18 Coors Tent and Sweet Tarts

Tonight we had Sara one of our Daisy Duke Dancers on the show. We chatted about her graduating college and whats to come. We also made a big announcement that Jerky with a few dukes were hired to perform at the Coors Tent at the rodeo this year! We also did an interesting Topic from a deck sponsored by then ended with some jerky bits! Make sure you like and subscribe! NOW!! DO IT!!! What,,, are you chicken?  

#17 So.. Much.. Brooks.. &.. Dunn..

Tonight Michaella started the show by telling the crew she was already re-watching the Magicians TV show. Then we chatted about if we had ever been caught shoplifting and or 86's from a place. Jerky and Michaella chatted about their pasts as they relate to Brooks & Dunn in a segment that was surprising long and entertaining, Jerky bits has some great laughs and we ending by finding out what exactly it is that Scotty didnt know!? As always like, subscribe and tell a friend about us! 

#16 The Parker Experiment Revisited

Tonight we welcome Parker back... He stayed Sober.. We did a hybrid video call from the Nevada Traveler Podcast and Jerky did a few magic tricks we chose some topics from a bucket and a deck and Jerky wow'ed with some Jerky bits. Thanks to for their support and as always like and tell a friend about our show! 

#15 The Astroglide and pickle incident

Logan joined us again tonight and brought the Jack! We chatted about Jerky's Table Top firepit and some good new movies we have scene. Jerky and Melissa chatted about there adventure in the Saw Escape room in Vegas, then we wrapped the show up with Jerky bits and some topics from our Pod Decks As always like and subscribe. Give us that 5 star rating! Powered by Pod Decks.

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